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Service: Training/Capacity building on GNSS


  • JPO will ensure Aviation and non-Aviation user communities are involved in its support and coordination activities throughout Africa to foster the economic and social development expected through the use of GNSS via professional fulfilment of training needs.


  • To provide competent and quality GNSS training leveraging on professional expertise of JPO to capacitate aviation and non aviation professionals and organizations in Africa


  • Customer Focus
  • Product Quality
  • Collaboration
  • Flexibility

Main Propositions

  • Provision of Training on GNSS/SBAS and associated applications
  • By instructors with expertise in various multidisciplinary domains
  • Using Interactive and collaborative delivery techniques
    • Classrooms lecturers, Demonstrations, Workshops, Seminars, Conferences

JPO Know-How/Expertise

  • JPO expertise encompasses various multi- disciplinary domains including : 
    • GNSS systems
    • GNSS applications for Aviation
    • GNSS applications for Maritime and non-Aviation sectors
    • Legal, Economic and institutional expertise
    • Certification and safety
    • Programme Management
    • General management
  • With outstanding qualifications and sound experience, our instructors have the ability to create an open, respectful atmosphere in which they bring their knowledge across.
  • JPO instructors are also open-minded, eager to hear your views, and take pride in sharing their expertise with you.
  • Our instructors are consultants of the Satellite Navigation in Africa Support Programme III.

Results for beneficiaries

  • Skill and knowledge of GNSS Systems, amassing  a clearer understanding of: 

    • GNSS and its elements and operational concepts 
    • The utilization of satellite navigation as augmented by Space Based Augmentation Systems (SBAS)
    • GNSS/EGNOS aviation and non aviation applications including benefits, user requirements, challenges, opportunities in Africa, etc.

Engagement Model

SatNav-Africa JPO

Building together satellite navigation services for Africa 

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