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Objective: To promote GNSS/SBAS Services and support advocacy for its uptake in Africa

Main propositions

  • Development of customised Communication Strategy and Plan
  • Advocacy towards key beneficiaries of the GNSS programme
  • Support to adoption of GNSS Services and demonstration platforms

How we deliver

  • Agreement of an Action Plan and associated Budget
  • Support in the implementation of the Plan and followup

Results for the beneficiaries

  • Customised Communication Strategy and Plan
  • Quick uptake of GNSS adoption

JPO know-how

  • Communication strategy and plans at continental level
  • Experience in GNSS market segmentation in Africa
  • Experience in delivering awareness workshops and promotional events on GNSS/SBAS

References /Engagement model

  • Developed and implemented Communication strategy and plans at continental level towards all stakeholders ( RECs/States, Regional institutions, ANSPs, Airlines, Airports, other stakeholders
  • Developed adoption strategy plans to support SBAS uptake in Africa
  • Engement: Formalisation of the objective through an MoU

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