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Objective Fostering the adoption of GNSS/SBAS use in various sectoral applications in Africa

Main propositions

  • Technical Assistance in engineering: User needs and requirements assessment and validation
  • User demonstration tools development and implementation
  • Feasibility studies (Economic and technical) to ascertain the potential of the various applications
  • Support for standardization activities of various applications with local content (Africa environment)
  • Foster Research and Innovation programmes in Africa through EU Horizon 2027 awareness
  • Facilitate business opportunities for GNSS applications R&D between Africa and Europe

How we deliver

  • MoUs
  • Demonstration setups
  • Awareness events to create synergies between African and European actors (technology transfer and capacity building)

Results for the beneficiaries

  • Tools for decision making for RECs/States (market studies, CBAs, Demos)
  • Social/economic transformation through use of precise spatial data
  • Competitive advantage on existing solutions through GNSS use

JPO know-how

  • GNSS feasibility Studies undertaking
  • GNSS Survey methodology and implementation road mapping
  • GNSS Simulation capability/ Engineering of field demonstrations

References /Engagement model

  • Regional Modules (Economic impact assessment, CBA studies)
  • SBAS Service providers (Support for CBAs studies)
  • Space Positioning & Navigation survey and gap analysis (AUC HRST)
  • Customised SBAS workshops for States/RECs awareness (EAC,IGAD,COMESA,ECCAS)
  • Performance assessment of GNSS applications through SBAS simulation tools (Magic SBAS, Iguassu)

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