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The Africa – EU partnership

The Africa European Union partnership is a relationship between Africa and Europe aiming towards long-term cooperation on jointly identified, mutual and complementary interests. Within the Partnership, a Joint Africa – EU Strategy (JAES) was adopted by Heads of State and Government from Africa and Europe at the 2nd Africa-EU summit in Lisbon on December 2007. JAES, which provides a framework for Africa –EU cooperation between the two continents has been operationalized through successive result-oriented short-term action plans after their endorsement by the Africa-EU Summit. I.e. First Acton plan - Lisbon 2008-2010; Second Action Plan -Tripoli (2011-2013); 3rd Action Plan- Brussels (2014-2017), Fourth Action plan Abidjan (2018-2020).  
The AU-EU Cooperation on Satellite navigation was initiated within the second Action Plan of Tripoli (3rd Africa-EU summit in 2010). This Action Plan placed satellite navigation among the priorities of the 3rd thematic partnership on regional economic integration, trade and infrastructure, and made it possible to undertake the first actions in terms of capacity building in Africa. Among these actions, the intra-ACP framework program called "Support for the air transport sector and satellite services in Africa," and financed by the 10th European Development Fund, was initiated with to;
  • Support the improvement of aviation safety and efficiency of air navigation in Africa. 
  • Support Satellite Based Augmentation Systems (SBAS) applications (based on EGNOS technology) in maritime and non-aviation sectors: railway, road transport, agriculture, mining, mapping etc.
The latter component on support to the introduction of satellite navigation in Africa based on EGNOS facilitated capacity building for development and introduction of EGNOS services in Africa. It also enabled the set-up, staffing and operations of the EGNOS-Africa Joint Programme Office (JPO) now called SatNav Africa Joint Programme Office (JPO).

SatNav-Africa JPO

Building together satellite navigation services for Africa 

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